Real-Time tracking system - count individual production, get counts by grade, manage employee accountability, track repairs by trailer load, automatically transfer pallets to stackers, and more!

Automated Repair Line

Features & Specifications

Pallet-Track suite of software designed for the pallet industry.

  • 12 Repair Workstations
  • 4 Lead Board Remover Workstations
  • 4 Sorter/Quality Control Stations
  • 10 Pallet Grades
  • Duplicate Scans

How Stations Are Compiled

Individual Repair Stations
  • Qty for each grade
  • Total of all grades
Lead Board Remover Workstations
  • Total production of workstations
  • Supplied (customized to line design)
Sorters/Quality Control
  • Total production divided by number of sorters
  • Total production of each grade.
  • Grand total of all production.
  • Total of duplicate tags read by scanner.

Calculations in Report Form

  • Each repair station employee, based on pre-set piece rates for each grade.
  • Each lead board remember employee, based on a pre-set piece rate entered for this task.
  • Each sorter/QC employee, based on a pre-set piece rate for this task.
  • Separate listing by grade and workstations.
  • Summary of all grades
  • Total of all grades

Repair Program
  • Drives count for Load Repair Kiosk.
  • Sets grades for Load Repair System
  • Seamless integration
Label Maintenance
  • Pallet-Track® Label Printing Software.
  • How many labels are left in each dispenser.
Inventory Adjustment
  • 1 Graded Pallet is added to inventory for each Graded Pallet produced.
  • 1 Awaiting Repair Pallet is deducted from inventory for each graded pallet.
  • Current Production
  • Completed Production Details
  • Completed Production Summary
  • Compensation Details
  • Compensation Summary
  • Calculated Inventory
  • Pallet Repair Programs
  • Skipped Labels
  • Current Unique Label Numbers
  • Remaining Labels
  • List Duplicates
Hardware Environment
  • Enclosure: Die Cast Aluminum (NEMA 4)
  • Operating Temperature: 32°-122°F
  • Humidity: Up to 90% non-condensing
  • Location: Up to 4000' from Host PC
  • Mount: Custom Designed Scanner Stand
Hardware Features
  • Industrial NEMA 4 rated scanner
  • Up to 1000 scans per second
  • Concentrator will buffer up to 1500 scans without losing.
  • Information, with no PC

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