Automatically generate professional drawings to scale. Eliminate mistakes caused by mixed up dimensions.


Features & Specifications

Pallet-Track suite of software designed for the pallet industry.

  • Create and Print custom drawings for each pallet spec
  • Choose to Draw in Inches or Millimeters
  • Create and Print Cut Lists based on quantities needed
  • Define Cost per pallet based on Board Footage, Metric Volume or Cost of Components
  • Flip Block Drawing to View Bottom
  • Issue Request for Quotes to vendors
  • Maintain pricing received by vendors
  • Issue a Custom Quote for each customer based on drawing and unique drawing number
  • Identify any wood species description including "Recycled", "Renewed" or "Used"
  • Easily locate previous drawings by Drawing Number, Description or Similar Specs
  • Drawings CAN NOT be changed once the design is saved eliminating costly mistakes
  • Draw pallets up to 120" x 96" (Larger drawings can be made if you increase your paper size)
  • Add pallet options by clicking on standard selections
    • 4 Way Entry
    • Trim all four corners at 45 degrees
    • Chamfer bottom boards
    • Place bottom center deck boards in tight to accommodate hand jacks
  • Draw wing pallets by identifying size of wing
  • Draw full plywood deck by selecting 1 deck board instead of many.
  • Double or single wing depends on size of top and bottom deck boards
  • Integrated, On-Line User's Guide with direct links from Table of Contents
  • Handy drop down for fraction table converted to decimal
  • Dimensions are automatically drawn
  • Draw skids by leaving bottom boards blank
  • Maintain a permanent database of the following items
  • All Pallet Specs
  • All Drawings
  • Footage for each Spec
  • Vendor Cost for each Spec
  • Cost of material based on current footage pricing
  • Initial Cost based on footage pricing at the time of drawing
  • Customers Quoted

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