An intuitive and easy to use mobile app for your delivery drivers. Go Paperless.

eSignature App

Features & Specifications

Pallet-Track suite of software designed for the pallet industry.

Easy Installation & Works on iOS, Android, & Windows.
  • Install directly from browser. Don't need to install from App Store or Google Play Store which require you to make an account and register your device. Avoid the headaches related to installation.
  • Can be used directly from mobile browser if preferred.
  • Cross platform - works on iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Remote assistance available for installation. Additional fees may apply.
Intuitive & Clean
  • Simple, clean layout has minimal distractions so your driver can find the shipper they need quickly.
  • Click on address on shipper to automatically open Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze.
  • Activate Signature button on each shipper to start signature process to prevent accidental signing of shipper.
Location Tracking
  • Application will log lat/lng coordinates when signature is received so you can track your deliveries and pickups.
  • Real-time tracking of your drivers. Due to device security updates on iOS and Android, location may not update if app is closed or if location is turned off. You can however set up Guided Access to prevent your drivers from turning off the app or location.
  • If driver is using their personal phone or tablet, they can stop location tracking my logging out of the app at the end of their shift.
Streamlined Processes
  • When a signature is submitted, the system will automatically produce a PDF version of the Bill of Lading, and email it to the customer with the signature embedded. A copy will also be emailed to your accounting office.
  • The system will also log the location where the signature was accepted. Accuracy is up to within 14 feet depending on the device used, weather, cellular reception and network coverage.
Printing Function
  • If you need a print version of the Bill of Lading, you can hook up a mobile thermal printer and print it in either a 4x6 format or a full page 8x11 format. If custom format is required, just ask our team.

Browser Based Admin System
  • No need to install any software. The admin panel is browser based.
  • IP restriction available to restrict access to your company's network.
  • View deliveries and pick-ups in real-time.
  • View the locations where deliveries and pick-ups were processed.
  • Resend email BOL to customers. If email is incorrect, you can correct it and then send it.
  • View driver location with a click of a button.
  • Shut off driver access to the app and remotely log them out.
  • See whether or not the driver is online or not.
99.99% Uptime & Excellent Security
  • Both the app and the admin are hosted on a secure virtual private server with 99.99% uptime guarantee.*
  • SSL certificate encrypts all data going in and out of the system.
  • Daily backup of your data.
  • IP restriction available to restrict access to your company's network.
Remote Support
  • Remote support available during normal business hours. Service contracts and additional fees will apply.
  • Emergency remote support available for critical issues only. Service contracts and additional fees will apply.

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