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Geofence ePunch System

Features & Specifications

Pallet-Track suite of software designed for the pallet industry.

Compatible with 3 major mobile operating systems.
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc)
  • Windows (computer or tablet)
  • Can be set up just like tablet-punch and used by multiple employees
Unlimited Logins
  • Set Admin logging credentials for all employees managing the system
  • Automatic Punch Retrieval
  • Set each employee's start time, ending time, minutes to round forward, minutes to round backwards and lunch
  • Choose to pay any employee for lunch if they do not exceed a pre-set number of minutes
  • Automatically deduct a pre-set amount of minutes for lunch from every employee
  • Set clock Time & Date with a click of the mouse
  • View every employee who is currently working and the times they punched
  • View punch pictures to verify employee and avoid "buddy punching"
  • Manually punch out each employee or punch everyone out simultaneously
  • Review Punch Times for each employee for any day
  • Review Total hours for each employee for any week
  • Quickly edit punch times for any employee who may have missed a punch
  • Create a file that can be imported directly into your payroll software and avoid having to enter the hours manually (Currently providing file for ADP Payroll Software)
  • All time punches are logged into a database which cannot be altered
  • Produce reports that can be printed or emailed directly from system
  • Integrated User's Guide
  • Punch Details (Lists each employee and the times they punched, adjustments if any, and their total hours))
    • Today
    • Current Pay Period
    • Previous Pay Period
    • Selectable date range (Choose any week or any combination of weeks)
  • Exception Reports
    • Lateness - Identifies each employee who punched in after his/her scheduled time
    • Lunch - Identifies each employee who did not punch out for lunch or did not punch back from lunch
    • Overtime - Identifies employees who have exceed 8 hours in a day
    • Left Early -Identifies employees who worked less than 8 hours in a day
True 24/7/265
  • System is hosted on a secure dedicated cloud server
  • No dependency on your facility. Employees and clock in/out even if you facility loses power!
  • Virtual Server has 99.9% uptime reliability rating.
  • Data is entered in real-time with virtually no lag time.
Maintain Control
  • Employee access can be disabled with a simple click of a button

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