Custom Designed for New Pallet Manufacturers, Recyclers & Sawmills

Mill Manager

Features & Specifications

Pallet-Track suite of software designed for the pallet industry.

Sales Order Module
  • Create orders for customers with specific pricing per customer, per shipping location
  • Track pricing and purchase history for each customer
  • Assign trailer types, specific production notes, drawings and more to any product per customer
  • View all orders, pick-ups and shippers in our calendar feature - reprint any document with a click of a button
  • Online ordering is automatically entered into the system as if it was entered by your employees.
Purchase Order Module
  • Issue unique purchase orders to vendors
  • Track when and what products were received on each order
  • Attach true cost to inventory when receiving
  • Close purchase orders when complete or pricing changes to avoid receiving inventory at wrong price
  • Information automatically available to Pallet Track® Receiving system
Receiving Module
  • Key-in PO number to view products ordered
  • Select product and optionally print bar coded tags to identify product received
  • Automatically adjusts inventory and re-calculates weighted average costs
  • Generates a static receiving report to cross reference with invoices
Customer Order and Work Order Module
  • Choose customer and customer specific products to create customer order
  • System checks inventory for stock of products ordered and reserves the quantity
  • Work orders are generated for all orders and identifies out of stock products and quantity needed
  • Inventory structure is used to identify components needed to produce product and is included on work order
  • Customer order history is stored for analyzing purchasing habits, frequency, etc.
Inventory Adjustment Module
  • Inventory is automatically adjusted in real-time at each stage of each process
  • Set re-order minimums/maximums for every item
  • Maintain an average weighted cost for ever item
  • Track quantities used for any date range / View history of any item
Production Module
  • Schedule production based on orders and Bill of Material required for each product
  • Schedule components to saw lines, pallets to production lines and secondary processes like Heat Treating
  • Calculates cost of items produced based on materials consumed plus overhead
  • Collect production times, employee compensation and store for analyzing
Shipping Module
  • Scan/enter work/customer order to generate shipper (scanner optional)
  • Ability to adjust quantities of products shipped
  • Maintain open balances or close work orders
  • Stores data for referencing against returned signed shippers.
  • Dynamic Driver's Schedule / automatically populate E-Signature accounts
  • Missed Shipment Analysis
  • Loading Schedule
Accounting Module
  • Scan signed shipper to automatically export information into accounting system
  • Tracks all open shippers and invoiced shippers
  • Stores all data to compare against lost and potentially un-invoiced orders.

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